OGPS story by joshua

Here is my most recent story at OGPS:

In the darkest woods of Olympus there was a secret and heavily guarded entrance to the Underworld , a terrible place for the dead to feel alive,  but with a heart of misery.

The king and God of the Underworld was Hades God of Death.

It was an average day for Lesvera until, a trinch started forming out of a painting of Daffy duck,  it’s hands reaching for Lesvera , and tried to scratch him with his long, sharp talons, but when he saw the monster he just gasped and stared at the arrow that had gone straight through the ugly creature’s bald head. Instantly the trinch turned to stone and disintegrated. After a few seconds, all that was left of the trinch was a smoking pile of ash.

Lesvera turned and saw his good friend Armetis  holding her bow at the leftovers of the trinch almost as if the creature was still alive. He looked back and saw a figure form from the pile of sandy ash, they screamed as the terrible monster formed. “Pheonix”  shouted Hepheastus. “Let’s go”. As they ran the Pheonix stared and shot flaming feathers  at them but they cut a corner and the feathers hit a hell hound, the dog type monster, froze fell to the ground and was claimed dead.

Meanwhile, Hepheastus, Armetis and Lesvera were heading for the fitness gym “Quick, get in her”. They were safe now, or so they thought. Suddenly, The Pheonix flew up, scanned the area then burst through the sunroof  “What do we do now ?” questioned Lesvera scared out of his head. Hepheastus and Armetis drew there weapons and got into attack formation. Just then Lesvera had an idea “Lower your weapons i’m going to see if ican tame it”. Lesvera carefully urged his way towards the  huge, flaming bird, the creature got into it’s firing position with it’s wing ready, but hesitated to fire. Finally, Lesvera reached the bird and lay his hand softly on the creatures head, as he woke from his stress he noticed a saddle in the corner of his eye.

Lesvera boarded the mighty beast “Come on she’s friendly” said Lesvera cheerfully. Hepheastus and Armetis stared at each other,nodded and ran for Lesvera, they both saddled up and reassured each other that they were ok. Lesvera ordered the bird “Forth to Olympus”. They arrived at the ancient palace to find the place empty, suddenly, from around the corner they could hear a ear shattering scream, “Aphredite” worried Artemis. By the time they got around the corner, all was left was lot’s of unconscious gods and hades looking around as if trying to find something “Hey! what are you looking for” said Hepheastus with a cheeky smile, hades turned, snarled and changed to demon form then flew away.

A few hours later

“Uh, my back” said Zues gaping with pain, “Zues” they all said together,how long was i out for ?, exactly 17 hours 47 minutes , how are the others ?, still knocked out, were’s Hades “probably back at the Underworld recovering!” wait were’s Flisk god of disability?. I remember seeing Hades carrying something but it was hard to decipher.

The End

stay tuned for book 2






My Fears

hello today i’m letting you know some special information about My Fears

  • my worst would probably be going to school late and having to be draged to my class.
  • my second greatest fear would have to be arachnids cause of my arachniphobia [fear of spiders].
  • my third greatest fear is losing my parents even if i was realy mad.

now here are some questions!

Do you have a phobia?

If so what is it?

Did you like the post?

Do you have similiar phobias?


Halo Reach!

hi today i’m doing a post on halo.
now i will list some characters,
>carter [leader]
>kat [techy]
>george [tank]
>emile [cool one]
>noble 6 [fps]
>ravin [sniper]
>marines [squads on enemy drop off]
different enemies

have you played halo reach?
if you have what’s your favourite mission?
if you havn’t would you like to play?